Glass-Rubs Co., Ltd.

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Experience Makes the Difference

Glass-Rubs Co., Ltd. was established in Lawrence Wharf, London to allow our business to expand into the UK and other European countries. Beibei Glassware Factory, our parent company in Chongqing, China, has been manufacturing high-quality glassware and bottles for 100 years.

Our factory produces more than 300 sets of equipment with an annual production capacity of 3 million glass utensils and 26 million high-grade packing bottles. We use traditional techniques to produce more than 3,600 types of glassware.

A Distinguished Business

We export our products to more than 56 countries and districts throughout the UK, US and Japan. We have been awarded silver prizes of national superior-quality products 3 times for our domestic distribution in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Our exported products also have earned the titles of “The Star of Asia” and “The Star of the World.”

Our History

Tears of the People

Glass is anciently called “Liu Li,” a coloured glaze.
In 493 B.C., the spring and autumn period of China, os when Fan Li was supervising the forging of a sword for the King of Yue. One thing glittering among ores attracted his attention and it was regarded as the superlative creation in the universe, collecting all essences of nature and he submitted it to King of Yue state.

To reward Fan Li for his accomplishment in forging the sword, the King named this thing “Li” and gave it back to Fan Li. In order to refine Li, Fan Li visited every village and found skillful craftsmen to have it carefully engraved and precisely polished. Then, he gave Li to his lover Xishi as a token of their love.

Later on in the same year, Yue was defeated by another state named Wu. To revive her own country, Yue sent Xishi over as a concubine of King Wu. With all regrets and sorrows when saying farewell to her homeland, Xishi wept of her sorrows and regrets. Her teardrops fell onto Li. As the spiritual being, Li was sympathetically moved and made her tears flowing. The folk story of flowing Li was handed down and it is also from where Liu Li was homophonically derived.

Accumulating Good Fortune

There is a sentence in “Shiji” describing the implied meaning of colored glaze: working at home you could accumulate great fortune. Serving the king, you could enjoy the great promotion as high as the prime minister could receive.

Fan Li is known as Tao Zhu Gong and the God of Wealth in folklore. Since the treasure bowl held in his hand is made of coloured glaze, therefore coloured glaze became a symbol of blessing form the God of Wealth.

The long history of Chinese coloured glaze may date back to Shang and Zhou Dynasty. According to research, it began around the third year of the reign of King Jing of Zhou Dynasty (third year of King Goujian of Yue), which is 493 B.C. Yuan Zhen, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty wrote this in his “Ode to Coloured Glaze.” It looks colourful, but as clear as the ice in winter, it looks nothing but a fine dust cannot get in. With these few words, the dazzling beauty of the coloured glaze vividly comes out.

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